"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change"

Our Story.....

Bespoke, Salvaged & Restored

We are a small family run business who specialise in Contemporary Industrial Urban furniture, storage & seating with complementary accessories. We build completely from scratch, breath life into existing unused pieces, Using reclaimed wood & metal. We also restore antique & vintage furniture. Each piece is created with todays interiors in mind, both for home or commercial properties.

What we do & why.

Our aim is to reduce furniture & materials ending up in landfill. To change peoples mindset on the todays throw away culture. To use reclaimed, salvaged & environmentally friendly materials in our builds. To create a culture of Repair, Restore, Reuse & Redesign.

Bespoke build.

We design & build furniture for general sale, or to our clients requirements. We try to use reclaimed & salvaged materials in most of our builds. 

Furniture redesigning.

As fashions change we can redesign existing furniture to move with the changing styles. This can be your existing furniture or a piece to be purchased to match with your design requirements.


If you have a damaged piece of furniture, we offer a restoration service. From French polishing to more rustic Industrial style pieces. 

Industrial style builds

If you require furniture for a man cave, workshop or the most important room....the shed. We can build to your requirements. From a coffee table made from an industrial trolley to a woodworking bench.

Vintage Tool restoration

90% of the hand tools we use are vintage & antique....We buy them, restore them & use them. If you have inherited any old tools & would like them restoring, then send them to us. 

Interior design.

We offer an interior design service. If you want to change the look of your house & need some advice. Or you are setting up a new shop & want it to have a very individual look, then we can help. 


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